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San Antonio Texas Roots Rock and Alt Country Music

Pitchfork is

JR Scott: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Frank Lewis: Drums

Rob Hankoksy: Bass Guitar

Fred Fechter: Lead Guitar

Band Bio

The band was formed in late 2009 from the dissuasion of several different bands in the San Antonio area.

Singer JR Scott moved to San Antonio in the fall of 2008 and was working as a solo artist. During this time the other three members (Rob Hankosky, Frank Lewis and Fred Fechter) were playing in local alt country band Dick Wiggler & The Cattlegaurds.

As this band was slowly dissolving and changing members , they had decided to take on a new project and began to look for a new vocalist. JR was trying to make some headway as a solo singer/songwriter while also serving on active duty in the US Army. After trying out a few different vocalists Rob came across some YouTube videos that JR had posted online and contacted him to come try his hand with the former Cattlegaurd members.

After several rehearsals,  losing one additional member (Steven Hill, bass guitar) and moving Rob from guitar to bass Pitchfork was officially born. Their first live performance was at local dive bar, Jiggers ( Closed in 2011 and converted into a title loan store) on Feb 9th 2010. The band had several more shows there as well as many other local San Antonio bars over the next six months, but in August of 2010 the band was put on hiatus for a year because JR was deployed to Afghanistan with the military.

Through the use of Facebook and other online tools the band was able to keep in touch and always maintained that once JR returned home they would pick up right where they left off. the band was even able to book and play a show while JR was on mid tour leave. Once their vocalist was home for good the band was in full swing again. JR served out the last few months of his enlistment contract and was ready to devote full time to music.

Over the last year Pitchfork has played several larger venues and was able begin branching out from the San Antonio city limits, playing in New Braunfles, Sixth St in Austin and even showing their music off at SXSW for the first time.

The band was proud to share the stage this month with Charlie Robison and Kevin Fowler at the first annual Eagle Ford Bash in Pleasanton, TX. While the band is still very green, the guys know that success will be a long road but are ever anxious to travel down it. With a set list full of original music, a passion to play and a chemistry and cohesion that most players only wish for, great things are on the horizon for this Texas Country gang.  





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